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Slim Swing Door Speed Gates - FLs BA

Square Top Slim Swing Door Pedestrian Speed Gates for small footprints
Minimal footprint, transparent and user-friendly design for all users, for sites where limited space is required and aesthetics is important. Silent and smooth in operation, the FLs BA is available in the BA finish with black technopolymer square tops with a selection of cabinet lengths and swing door widths, top lid materials, finishes and options.

Applications include Public and Commercial Buildings, Government and Embassy Buildings, Bespoke Interiors...


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  • 1.2 m length
  • 1.4 m length
  • 1.8m length
  • Standard passageway 600mm
  • Wide passageway 900mm
  • Combi – centre cabinet with combination of 600mm passageway and 900mm passageway
Standard Finish
  • ​Lid – black technopolymer(square ends)
Options & Accesories
  • Alternative finishes and material
  • Light curtain safety kit
  • Card reader integration
  • Clear acrylic wings
  • Remote control systems