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Bespoke Speed Gates

Designer Speed Gates - Exclusivity is all about endless variety… Extensive customisation options

Gunnebo's designer Speed Gate range known as the 'DS series' is designed to capture the designer's imagination and push even further the ergonomic design boundaries. 

Benefits of the 'DS series' :  

  • endless customisation options to architects and interior designers.
  • allows the person specifying the products to customise their selection by incorporating new and exciting materials and lighting effects.
More customisation, more options...

The DS series offers more customisation options. The stylish and flexible designs virtually blend infinite aesthetics with architectural interior needs.

Choose from a selection of colours for applied finishes available in gloss and matt. The colour options are available for FLs DS Series lids and BP and FP DS series side panels.

A selection of inlay finish options are available for the BP and FP DS Series including Carbon Fibre White, Carbon Fibre Black and wood effects Dark Mahogany and Light Maple.

​We have chosen materials from global manufacturers offering consistency in quality and material sustainability.​​

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