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Speed Gates for Public and Commercial Buildings

​Public and Commercial Buildings need to manage access rights of their employees, visitors, suppliers, casual workers, cleaners and workmen with access control systems to prevent unauthorised access while allowing a continuous flow of individuals. Speed Gates can control access in the main lobby, on individual floors and restricted access areas.


Key Challenges

  • Managing and controlling large flows of people with different access rights to prevent unauthorised passage.
  • Finding a durable and reliable entrance security solution with proven access control technology to cope with large and frequent flows of people
  • Finding an entrance security solution that blends into the interior decoration of a building


Benefits of using Speed Gates for Public and Commercial Buildings

  • Integration of access control devices to provide increased security and capacity in one solution that effectively prevents unauthorised passage
  • Fast and reliable operation for speedy throughput for large volumes of people
  • Proven technology
  • Appealing aesthetics with an extensive range of customisation options
  • Ergonomic and modern design


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