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Speed Gates Applications

An introduction to using pedestrian Speed Gates in different types of buildings.

​​Public and Commercial Buildings

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Public and Commercial Buildings need to manage access rights for their employees, visitors, suppliers, casual workers, cleaners and workmen with access control systems to prevent unauthorised access while allowing a continuous flow of individuals. Speed Gates can control access in the main lobby, on individual floors and restricted access areas.

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​Government and Embassy Buildings


Entrances and sensitive areas need to be secure and controlled to prevent unauthorised people from entering in order to protect heads of state, presidents, politicians, high commissioners, employees and visitors to ensure their safety and security. Speed Gates can secure all entrances and control access to sensitive areas. 

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Schools, Colleges and Universities need to secure main entrances, classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, dormitories and halls of residence. They need to ensure the safety and security of teachers, lecturers, all staff, students and their possessions whilst protecting equipment from theft and vandalism. Speed Gates can secure all entrances and control access to restricted areas.
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Leisure Centres


Leisure Centres need to control entrances for their members, visitors and staff and control separate accesses for specific areas for example the gym, or the pool and also at times when the reception is unmanned. Speed Gates can secure all entrances and control access to specific areas.

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Museums need efficient throughput of high visitor flow in the shortest time as well as controlling access of different types of visitors such as individuals, groups, ticket holders for special exhibitions. Speed Gates can secure all entrances and control access for different visitor types.

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​Bespoke Interiors


Whilst they may be essential to control access to your building, you or your client may have very special needs for their interior and won't want the Speed Gates to clash. Gunnebo has developed a range of  Speed Gates, known as 'Designer SpeedStiles', specifically to meet this need for high performance and aesthetic synergy.
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